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WorkSpan Culture: Why Your Next Adventure is at WorkSpan

At WorkSpan, our culture is a verb. To me, this means it’s a culmination of our hard work, collaboration, open communication, and the act of delivering awesomeness on a day-to-day basis―a commitment we all share with each other and our users.

I don’t need or want to give a sales pitch about why WorkSpan is a fantastic place to work. In fact, we might not be what you expect from a Silicon Valley company. For instance, we forgo a lot of the perks that are commonplace in Silicon Valley—you won’t find ping pong tables, nap rooms, kombucha on tap or any of the other latest perks here.

We don’t boast flavor-of-the-month perks because our goal is to offer more than fleeting extras. Instead, we are doing the hard work of empowering our team to act on behalf of WorkSpan as a stakeholder.

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New Features July 2019: Activate Partners, Elevate Security & Exciting Mobile Updates!

Are you ready for WorkSpan’s latest features that—wait really? That eager, huh? *saves one-liner for next time*

Activate the Right Partner with Partner Profiles

Calling all Program Owners! You understand that as your program grows, you must know what each partner brings to the table to intelligently facilitate connections & activate the right partners.

You can now set up partner profile templates in WorkSpan. When a partner company enters into your program, they complete their profile. The partner profile includes details on the company’s competencies in the program & their interests, such as target customer profile, target partner profile, etc. Participating companies can search for partners with complementary skills & similar business objectives & establish instant connections. It’s as simple as one, two—wait that’s it.

Finding the right partners & engaging in multi-partner activities has never been easier. What are you waiting for—have you activated your partners yet?

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The Three C’s Driving the Shift Toward Ecosystems

Ecosystems are driving unprecedented change in the business community. According to Accenture’s research, 76% of business leaders agree current business models will be unrecognizable in the next five years and connected ecosystems will be the main change agent.

accenture study

Furthermore, Accenture’s report states,

“Every industry is susceptible to disruption by ecosystem plays—and those who aren’t ready are at risk for value degradation.”

Whereas conventional partnership models are siloed and only focus on linear one-to-one relationships, like those with a distributor or reseller; modern ecosystems allow businesses to build rich, meaningful, multi-directional partnerships that add value to businesses and consumers. 

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Microsoft P2P Program powered by WorkSpan

Grow Revenue with Microsoft P2P Program, powered by WorkSpan

“I ordered my coffee from an app, picked it up without ever standing in line. I check into my flight on another app, I sit on a plane and worked on WiFi the entire way, as its another day at the office,” says Gavriella Schuster, Corporate VP, One Commercial Partner Channel at Microsoft as she describes her trip to Microsoft Inspire. 

We all have experienced this routine at one time or another during our trips. And we have grown accustomed to it, expect it to work flawlessly every time but rarely think about what makes it happen behind the scenes. 

During her trip to Inspire this year, Gavriella said her trip to Starbucks and Delta airline was made possible by 97 different Microsoft partners working with each other to deliver those amazing customer experiences. What an incredible story!

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Why Ecosystem Value Needs to be Part of Your TAM

Whether your company is just starting out or already a global enterprise, one of the most important numbers you need to measure is the total available market (TAM). Having an accurate read on your TAM is crucial to setting growth goals as well as concretely showing investors and stakeholders that your company is worth their resources.

Traditionally, TAM is known as the overall revenue opportunity available or foreseen for a specific product or service—with a key component of estimating the future expansion or size.

One way to better leverage your TAM and add better insight into future growth is to evaluate your ecosystem. Business ecosystems are a key strategy for accelerated growth. The IDC 2019 State of Ecosystem report supports this—businesses with an ecosystem model grow 50% faster.

I’ve learned how to measure and leverage Ecosystem Value to successfully define markets, approve capital requests, and close million-dollar contracts.

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Ecosystem Cloud: The Next Frontier

Today’s hyper-competitive market demands agile innovation and the ability to quickly form creative solutions to solve customer problems. No longer do businesses have the luxury of time when bringing new solutions to market. In fact, business leaders who are unable—or unwilling—to take risks and expand their market will put their business at risk of becoming obsolete. 

Out of all the enterprises on the 1955 Fortune 500 list, only 53 U.S. companies remain in business today—that’s stunning. As digital transformation and hyper-competitiveness take over every market and sector, companies large and small are at risk of disruption and becoming obsolete if they aren’t agile and responsive to fast-changing customer needs.

ibm logo

A recent C-Suite Survey by IBM states that “leading organizations are innovating with partners on new business platforms across ecosystems” showing dramatic evidence that top-performing companies are twice as likely as poor-performing companies to leverage their ecosystem partners to quickly innovate and meet market demands. 

Partners coming together to launch joint solutions into the market are able to quickly provide the technologies and solutions customers want. Companies that choose to “go it alone” can waste months or even years trying to assemble the teams and technology customers are looking for, while their competitors are already in the market and eating their lunch. Agile business leaders who have the tools to build and nurture business ecosystems benefit from strong networks and gain a crucial edge in leading their industries. 

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