3 Big A-ha Moments from 30+ Ecosystem Partner Meetings at Microsoft Ignite ‘18

Last week was Microsoft’s BIG conference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. I thought the venue was incredible — the amount of foot traffic in the expo never ceased to amaze me. The event kicked-off with an inspirational keynote from Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who announced Microsoft + Adobe + SAP’s Open Data Initiative (see press release here). The alliance partnership’s big vision is to carve out a net new category for AI-powered services for customers around “Customer Experience Management.” Satya invited Shantanu Narayen (CEO of Adobe) and Bill McDermott (CEO of SAP) on stage to make the announcement together. I was really impressed by the C-level handshake and the vision that these three industry icons articulated for this joint announcement.

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Why Every Organization in the Technology Space Needs Good Partnerships

Partnerships are the lifeblood of any technology organization. It’s no exaggeration to say that tech companies without alliances probably won’t make it.

Puneet Suppal is the Associate Vice President of Product Strategy at Infosys, and he values the importance of good partnerships as much as any alliance professional.

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4 Ways to Ensure You Stay Relevant as an Alliance Partner

Alliance Executives can have a lot on their plate. But one thing they absolutely need to focus on is staying relevant with their partners.

Tanja Scheller has been an SAP Alliance Executive at IBM for over seven years. She manages the relationship between IBM and SAP in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland (DACH) region.

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3 Proven Strategies for Creating and Launching Successful Joint Partner Solutions

Strategic alliances and joint marketing partnerships can help companies quickly extend market reach, compete better, add more value to customers, and grow revenue for both partners. Companies are increasing the volume and pace of developing partnerships and launching new joint solutions to market. Once your company enters into a partnership agreement to launch a new joint solution to the market, operationalizing it quickly is no easy task.

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The Bridge Builders

I’ve written a lot about the power of building strong communities and networks to strengthen your organization’s connection to customers and partners and to build a brand that goes beyond just messaging in order to carry the weight of your customer’s voice. Over the summer I was fortunate to reconnect with a good friend and colleague from SAP, Amit Sinha, who updated me on what he’d been working on. When he shared what he was doing — Wow, I was blown away! Amit and two co-founders launched a startup called WorkSpan a couple of years ago that is based on those very principles — building a strong network and connecting customers and partners.

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