[Infographic] Top 10 Definitive Best Practices for Alliance & Ecosystem Professionals


Do you ever wonder? Best practices for Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources have been around for decades. They serve as invaluable guides for both new and seasoned practitioners in that domain.

Contrast this scenario with the landscape of strategic alliances and ecosystems. They are tragically deficient of this guidance.

An alliance leader famously said, “Strategic partnerships are never strategic and hardly partnerships.” Well, WorkSpan is changing that. We believe that in this hyper-competitive Technology market, the future belongs to ecosystem builders.

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Ecosystem Cloud: 3 Reasons Your Organization Needs It Today

Ecosystem Cloud: 3 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs It Today


According to the analysis by BCG, 83% of digital ecosystems involve partners from more than three industries and 53% from more than five industries. Companies are increasingly investing in ecosystem programs, to build joint solutions that leverage expertise and components from multiple partners. This enables them to build a unique competitive edge, tap into new markets and scale at a much faster pace.

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Join WorkSpan at the SAP Global Partner Summit 2019

Karl Fahrbach recently shared that IDC estimates the SAP ecosystem economy to be valued at $200 billion by 2024*.

According to an article by BCG, “In today’s connected world, industry and geographic boundaries are becoming meaningless, and unexpected change has become a constant. Adaptable ecosystems are designed to respond more quickly to evolving demand patterns, customer preferences, and the competitive landscape.”

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best practices joint sales

How To Get Your Joint Sales Process in Hyperdrive [Best Practice]

Forty percent of executives surveyed by KPMG say that strategic alliances need to move up the C-level agenda and be placed on a par with classic M&A. 

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies know that strategic alliances and partnerships are the strongest and the fastest way for them to grow revenue, increase market share and create innovative solutions.

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The ecosystem cloud

Ecosystem Cloud: Why We Should Not Organize Partner Ecosystems Around Partner Types And Tiers

We are at the forefront of a tremendous shift where B2B companies are going to market with new, broader, more innovative and dynamic partner ecosystems than ever before.

It is being driven by ever-increasing competitive pressures and the constant demand for more and faster innovation by end customers.

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