5 Conflict Management Techniques That Could Save Your Alliance Partnership

Alliance partnerships are like marriages, the chances of conflict between your team and with the partner’s team are high. If not managed appropriately, the partnership breakup can be less than amicable.

As an alliance professional, it is imperative that you know how to resolve a conflict among various groups.

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5 Point Checklist To Maximize The Success Of Your New Alliance Partnership

According to Kathy Contreras, Sr. Research Director at SiriusDecisions there is a new key trend that we are seeing relating to the future of the channel, specifically the growth of new partner relationships and ecosystem.

We are currently at the forefront of a tremendous shift across the channel. It is a pivotal time for many B2B organizations, as we continue to see the rise and expansion of new partner relationships and the formation of formal partner ecosystems. Channel and partner leaders much like yourself, each prepare for the future with this reality in mind.

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Ecosystem Cloud: Defining Value Across 5 Value Indicators

In the past few years, there have been ongoing recommendations, documentaries and stories regarding organizations migrating their IT operations and infrastructure to the cloud. We’ve seen this reality take form within three key sectors; finance, sales, and human resources. As relevant to your business as those, new research shows the importance of a company’s Ecosystem to their current GTM strategy and long-term viability.

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Strategic Alliance Professionals

According to the Accenture Research Study 2018, the ecosystems could unlock $100 trillion of value for business and wider society over the next ten years.

Last week, WellSpan partnered with Citrix to transform healthcare, and we see this trend among various companies in different verticals. The corporations are coming together to create successful alliances to enter new markets, develop new solutions and stay competitive.

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