What is collaborative success anyway?

One of the topics that always leads to a great discussion in the Alliance Masterclasses I facilitate, is about alliance success. Especially the question “How to define if an alliance is a success?” is a question that generates a lot of discussions.

Is the answer that synergy has been created, or that both partners are satisfied, or that the goal of the alliance has been met?

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My Journey as a Marketer Driving A New Product Category

SAPPHIRE 2011 was a pivotal event for SAP — it marked the general availability of SAP HANA, a game changing in memory data platform for real-time business. While the hype cycle “zigged” in favor of big data, SAP HANA zagged for fast insights on any data — we were on the verge of creating a new category.

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Mayank and Amit

The WorkSpan Story

In 2014, after I had transitioned out of Aster Data/Teradata, I met my friend Amit Sinha for chai in Palo Alto.

Amit and I had gone to undergrad together at IIT Bombay (1995–1999), then we took similar but different routes. I went to Stanford; he to Berkeley. I went to work in creating a company from scratch (Aster Data in 2004); he went to work at a $100B company (SAP in 2004). I entered the database market wanting to create new value and new use-cases around Big Data (Aster Data SQL-MR); he entered the Database market wanting to create new value and new use-cases around Fast Data (SAP HANA In-Memory Data Management). When I was reaching my audience to establish the value of Big Data — showcasing use-cases, integrating solutions, educating users — he was doing the same for Fast Data.

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Steve and Company

WorkSpan + Marketo equals better marketing

I was excited to be exhibiting at the Marketo Digital Marketing Summit the other week representing WorkSpan and attending as many sessions as possible. The number of attendees and sessions continue to grow; the content and attendee experience keep getting better and better. It’s great to see how marketing is evolving and how solutions are all focusing on providing targeted value combined with strong measurement.

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The Story Behind This PIcture

The story behind the photo

Three years ago I took this photo just outside of Cirueña while I was on my way to Santiago de Compostela. This walk, also known as the Camino, comes back a lot in my work; every presentation or training starts with this photo as the opening slide.

Sometimes my audience ask me what a photo of a landscape has to do with alliances. If they don’t, I often ask them myself what they think this photo has in common with alliances. Here are two similarities that often come forward:

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Create A product first!

Create a product first please!