Ecosystem Business Process
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Break Down Partnering Workflow Silos

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WorkSpan Shared Workflow Company-Configured Actions

Easily Deploy Cross-Company Workflows

Workflows make it simple to work together with partners across company boundaries to track progress, accomplish objectives, and execute successful program motions in a repeatable and scalable way.

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Establish Repeatable and Scalable Business Processes Aligned to Ecosystem Best Practices

With workflows on WorkSpan, previously disconnected partnering activities across partners are now synchronized, orderly, and accessible, so everyone knows and agrees on where things stand, what’s next, and who’s accountable.

Automatically Align with Your Ecosystem Partners’ Business Processes

On the WorkSpan network, every partner company’s different business rules are mapped together, so partner companies working together are aligned with each other.

For example, different companies often have a different number of steps in their organization’s sales process. WorkSpan’s flexible and powerful business logic maps everyone’s sales steps together, so everyone sees the current status of a shared opportunity in their own organization’s view.


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