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"QBR-ready" Reports in Real-Time


WorkSpan Multi-Party Reporting

Report across Your Ecosystem and Decrease Reliance on 3rd-Party Analytics Tools

WorkSpan’s powerful reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to report on any aspect of your partnering business.

Track any metric, such as pipeline, revenue, funds, activities, and more. View and sort by any field, such as partner, region, industry, solution, stage, etc.

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Track, Forecast, and Report on Your Business with Real-Time Data

WorkSpan reporting and analytics always fetches the most recently updated data and builds metrics and charts based on available real-time information, so you and your team knows the pulse of the business and is “QBR-ready” at all times.

Easily Share Reports and Securely Collaborate with Partners and Stakeholders

WorkSpan allows you to share charts and metrics without the worry of accidentally sending the wrong spreadsheet to the wrong party.

Data access and sharing settings are made at the organizational level and every user can hide private fields on charts and metrics at anytime, so you can share reports and run cadence calls with confidence.


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