Multi-Party Ecosystems
on WorkSpan

All Partners Participate as Peers on
One Network


WorkSpan Multi-Company Single Network

Collaborate with Data Integrity

Maintain the integrity of your internal data model on WorkSpan while collaborating with Partners. Multiple company schemas can co-exist on a single object.

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Manage Flexible Schema

Extend your company’s schema with near infinite flexibility using WorkSpan templates with embedded JSON to support your business objectives and configure your own company specific fields that can be private to your company or shared with your partners.

Integrate Anywhere

Each company on the WorkSpan Multi-Company Architecture can integrate their company-specific data models with one or more of their own internal systems while maintaining the same picklists for important fields such as region, industry, and sales stage.

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28-Page Ecosystem Maturity Guide and Self-Assessment

Inside You’ll Find:

  • The 5 Ecosystem Maturity stages
  • What stage you are in
  • How to move to higher stages and reap the rewards of a business ecosystem