The 5 Required Capabilities for
Modern Ecosystem Business Management

Modern partnering requires new tools to maximize your efforts to
co-sell, co-innovate, co-market, and co-invest with your partners.

A modern partnering platform requires 5 essential capabilities to securely connect all your ecosystem partners, processes, data, and insights.

Requirement #1:
Multi-Party Ecosystems

Partner Portals Vs. Partner Networks

multi party 2

WorkSpan Multi-Company Single Network

Requirement #2:
Ecosystem Business Process

Disconnected Processes Vs. Cross-Company Processes

business process

WorkSpan Shared Workflow Company-Configured Actions

Requirement #3:
Ecosystem Data Hub

Countless Integrations Vs. One Integration

data hub

WorkSpan Multi-Source Integrations

Requirement #4:
Ecosystem Access Control

High Risk of Accidental Data Exposure Vs. Partner with Confidence

access control

WorkSpan Attribute-Based Access Control

Requirement #5:
Ecosystem Intelligence

Can't Quantify Business Vs. QBR-Ready at All Times


WorkSpan Multi-Party Reporting

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