The Three Guiding Principles of Effective Ecosystem Cloud

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Last Updated on April 8, 2019

Alliances contribute up to 30% of the company’s revenue yet today without a common system, everyone invents their own process, collects and manages different sets of data in spreadsheets. There is no effective way to reconcile and consolidate the information to see what’s actually happening across the partnership.

A complete & strong Ecosystem Cloud solution can operationalize your alliance processes and provide consistency and visibility. An effective Ecosystem cloud offers:

1. Seamless Alliance Process

Connecting disparate activities across a partner ecosystem can seem daunting and overwhelming. Alliance professionals have been using sales tools to do alliance work. Alliances use a legacy system and patchwork of broken business processes including manual data collection & reconciliation using siloed spreadsheets.

A cloud-based ecosystem solution enables well-defined business processes that help alliance organizations work more quickly and efficiently, while holding everyone accountable.

This means being able to jump on new opportunities faster, and build a consistent success rate.

2. Active Field Engagement

Statistics show that 60 – 75 percent of alliances fail within the first twelve months. Often, when a new alliance partnership gets announced, nothing happens because the feet on the street never gets aligned with the value proposition and the vision that the leadership team had in the first place.

This breakdown comes from broken down field engagement, both with your own field teams and those of your alliance partners.

3. Clear Visibility and Performance Reporting

If an alliance deal closes and no one hears about it, does it make a sound? More than 60% of alliance professionals see the evaluation of their success as a top concern.

Within the alliance teams, you need to “quantify” your discussions as sales and marketing have been doing it for years. Once you backup your proposals with quantifiable data & show real-time results, you will gain the confidence of the leadership. It will enable them to align their goals and KPIs by considering your data backed and data-driven alliance proposals.

Not only that, your efforts will gain more visibility. Ecosystem Cloud upgrades you to real-time information sources that empower teams to make the right decisions and move quickly.

These three guiding principles can serve as a north star for the creation of an effective ecosystem cloud. They can provide organization, consistency, and visibility throughout your alliance process.

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Vishal Kalia
Vishal is the Director of Content Marketing & Social Media and leads our Alliance Aces Community. He has been in marketing for 14+ years and writes about ecosystem cloud, alliance strategies, and digital transformation.

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