The Foundation for Secure, Multi-Partner Ecosystem Collaboration

WorkFlows and Logic

Easily Deploy Cross-Company Workflows

Workflows make it simple to work together with partners across company boundaries to track progress, accomplish objectives, and execute successful program motions in a repeatable and scalable way.

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Establish Repeatable and Scalable Business Processes Aligned to Ecosystem Best Practices

With workflows on WorkSpan, previously disconnected partnering activities across partners are now synchronized, orderly, and accessible, so everyone knows and agrees on where things stand, what’s next, and who’s accountable.

Automatically Align with Your Ecosystem Partners’ Business Processes

On the WorkSpan network, every partner company’s different business rules are mapped together, so partner companies working together are aligned with each other.

For example, different companies often have a different number of steps in their organization’s sales process. WorkSpan’s flexible and powerful business logic maps everyone’s sales steps together, so everyone sees the current status of a shared opportunity in their own organization’s view.


Multi-Company Architecture and Data

Collaborate with Data Integrity

Maintain the integrity of your internal data model on WorkSpan while collaborating with Partners. Multiple company schemas can co-exist on a single object.

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Manage Flexible Schema

Extend your company’s schema with near infinite flexibility using WorkSpan templates with embedded JSON to support your business objectives and configure your own company specific fields that can be private to your company or shared with your partners.

Integrate Anywhere

Each company on the WorkSpan Multi-Company Architecture can integrate their company-specific data models with one or more of their own internal systems while maintaining the same picklists for important fields such as region, industry, and sales stage.

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Access Control and Security

Fully GDPR compliant and SOC2 Type II certified, WorkSpan passes the rigorous security reviews of the top technology companies in the world

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Securely Grant Access

Company admins can configure policies to grant automatic access to users on your company’s data in WorkSpan. Audit and update employee access.

Manage access at scale for any number of users in your organization and for partner users added to your objects.

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Enforce Data Security​

WorkSpan enforces rigorous safeguards to ensure that your confidential data stays that way.

Admins decide data privacy policies and how private fields are handled so Partner Managers can share joint opportunities, sales plans, solutions across your ecosystem with confidence they will not mistakenly divulge secure data.

For example, enable WorkSpan Privacy Mode to hide all private fields when sharing your screen on cadence calls with your partners.

Securely Share Programs

Company admins configure access policies that cascade to linked objects. Centrally administer your user groups (including partners’ teams) at the partner program or plan level and the right access is granted across all objects in that program or plan.

For example, Partner Program members can be automatically granted access to Sales Plans, Solutions, Opportunities and other linked objects to that program.

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Streamline cross-company collaboration and close deals faster with secure, real-time data

Integrate WorkSpan with Multiple CRMs and External Applications

Keep your partners aligned and your co-sell opportunities and other objects current and secure.

Create multiple integrations to the same object and maintain data integrity at all times.

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MSFT Teams

Connect with Your Favorite Productivity and Collaboration Apps

Stay on top of your partner business with the business tools you already use.

Connect with over 50 productivity and collaboration applications.

Out-of-the-Box Integration with Microsoft Partner Center

WorkSpan is directly integrated with Partner Center, so you'll never have to manually enter referral data into Partner Center again.

Efficiently submit referrals and opportunities to Microsoft, and keep your opportunity data synced across your CRM and Microsoft Partner Center.

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Reporting and Analytics

Report across Your Ecosystem and Decrease Reliance on 3rd-Party Analytics Tools

WorkSpan’s powerful reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to report on any aspect of your partnering business.

Track any metric, such as pipeline, revenue, funds, activities, and more. View and sort by any field, such as partner, region, industry, solution, stage, etc.

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Track, Forecast, and Report on Your Business with Real-Time Data

WorkSpan reporting and analytics always fetches the most recently updated data and builds metrics and charts based on available real-time information, so you and your team knows the pulse of the business and is “QBR-ready” at all times.

Easily Share Reports and Securely Collaborate with Partners and Stakeholders

WorkSpan allows you to share charts and metrics without the worry of accidentally sending the wrong spreadsheet to the wrong party.

Data access and sharing settings are made at the organizational level and every user can hide private fields on charts and metrics at anytime, so you can share reports and run cadence calls with confidence.


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