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Manage Every Engagement Efficiently
with Your Co-Sell Partners

As you grow with WorkSpan, the flywheel spins faster for your business

Our platform enables you to manage each section of the flywheel with your partners


Identify more co-sell opportunities and close more co-sell revenue with WorkSpan

"CRMs are a sales tool, WorkSpan is the tool that allows our partner managers to drive their joint opportunities forward."
Mike Bruchey
Global VP Partner Solutions Global Business Development and Ecosystem, SAP


Increase funds utilization, ROI, and indirect revenue with WorkSpan

“WorkSpan really allowed us to expand our breadth of engagement, and utilize and request more funding -- without adding any headcount. Our investment in WorkSpan paid for itself the first year.”
jr 2
Joan Richards
Director Global Alliances and Partner Marketing, Red Hat


Unify and scale your co-solution activities with WorkSpan

"With WorkSpan, we can reduce the time to bring a new co-solution project to market by 3-5 months."
Harmeet Chauhan
SVP Engineering Services; Executive Committee Member, Wipro


Propose activities, track performance, and report on partner contribution to revenue with WorkSpan

"Alliance management is very data-intensive, especially when collaborating on joint programs. WorkSpan unifies data from CRM systems, partners, marketing, and product management that allows me to do everything with partners in a secure way."
Roland Wartenberg
Sr. Director Strategic Alliances, NetApp

Product leaders capitalizing on ecosystem value should invest in an ecosystem management solution instead of building a completely custom solution.

Emerging Technologies: Digital Solutions to Enable Ecosystems and Marketplaces
March 2021

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Ecosystem Business Management Principles and Best Practices

Learn how to bring together your Alliances and Channels to activate a winning Partner Ecosystem and dominate your category