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bChannels is a global specialist in Channel and Partner Networks. They provide products that address companies’ channel needs for insights, partner segmentation and recruiting, partner marketing, and PRM platform support. A global company, their experience and focus on revenue outcomes benefit 18 of the top 20 Global Technology vendors and many of the leading industry disrupters. At the centre of all bChannels services is Intelligent Index. It combines enriched partner data, artificial intelligence and expert insights. Intelligent Index puts the capabilities of channel partners into context. WorkSpan customers can leverage this power through two bChannels products to grow their revenues and manage their ecosystems. Using Partner Segmentation customers can find the right channel partners from over 160k partners held globally within Intelligent Index. It identifies those with the capability to support the delivery of their solutions now and in the future. Through Digital Partners, customers can access MDF funded virtual marketing managers who specialise in driving multi-vendor digital marketing campaigns through the channel, maximising the sales potential of each partner that they work with. Visit Partner
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Tr3Dent’s Transformation Accelerator provides a structured approach to build a digital transformation strategy and model business ecosystems. 1,000+ registered users from 100+ companies use it to model and visualize business ecosystems, confirm business viability, leverage best practices, and align and engage stakeholders. Users get agreement from stakeholders 50% faster, shave up to 70% off the time it takes to define ecosystems and reduce the time it takes to define new business models by 50%. The easy-to-use Transformation Accelerator platform provides a structured and guided approach for new and existing Workspan clients who want to design and validate the viability of new business models, ecosystems and partner relationships prior to operationalizing them via Workspan. Visit Partner
Is Inspired is a channel consulting company with a focus on enabling their customers to build inspired partner relationships through the combination of simple and achievable processes, the best contemporary platforms, and a focus on data to drive key insights. Since 2008, Is Inspired has been delivering flexible and practical solutions with measurable impact on channel business. The channel space is going through a phase of rapid evolution. Partners are changing their business models and go to market strategies faster than standard tier partner programs can manage. Channel focused vendors need to adopt new ways to collaborate and integrate with their channel partners in order to maintain traction and gain competitive advantage. Is Inspired is working with WorkSpan, leveraging the ecosystem platform to facilitate close collaboration in multi-way channel relationships and closing operational gaps between channel vendors, distributors, and top producing channel partners. Visit Partner
Digital Bridge Partners is an ecosystem and go-to-market specialist focusing on strategy, positioning, and operational transformation. They help technology innovators identify creative solutions to complex strategy, positioning, and operational challenges, and make custom, actionable, relevant decisions that have transformational business impact. The Digital Bridge Partners WorkSpan Alliance is focused on driving customer and partner ecosystem adoption and success. Our Alliance Operations and Partner Activation services packs insure that partner programs achieve business and operational excellence by driving change management, program optimization and participating partner enablement and adoption. Visit Partner
Alliancesphere combines strategy and last-mile execution expertise into a unique end-to-end focus on collaboration services.  Our complementary Consulting, Facilitation, Training, and Technology services employ a holistic approach to drive shared visions to faster outcomes.   Since 2002, Alliancesphere has helped Global 2000 companies collaborate and execute with internal stakeholders, partners, ecosystems, and customers to open new markets, accelerate top-line growth, create innovative solutions and product differentiation, and generate transformative mutual value. The WorkSpan-Alliancesphere strategic alliance unites the leading Ecosystem cloud solution with unmatched experience and expertise in activating and executing partner, channel, and ecosystem programs.  Our combined capabilities enable joint customers to more effectively and efficiently execute their ecosystem go-to-market plans and programs, focusing on: Increasing time to value with streamlined execution Gaining deeper partner mindshare and affinity Accelerating pipeline and bookings growth Outselling the competition and differentiating in market Visit Partner
Alliance Best Practice Ltd (ABP) is a research and benchmarking consultancy based in the United Kingdom. They specialise in the area of strategic alliances and help their clients develop and execute alliance best practice programmes. To date over 300 of the world’s leading partnering organisations in: Europe, the USA, Australia and India have benchmarked themselves against ABP’s best practice database which has resulted in the development of a highly-detailed knowledge base of over 200,000 entries. This database allows ABP to offer its clients insights into on-going best practices in strategic alliances and partnerships. Alliance Best Practice Ltd (ABP) has been the acknowledged ‘go to’ location for partnering best practice advice since 2002. By combining the already proven ABP collaboration best practice tools, templates and methodologies with the innovation of the WorkSpan partner ecosystem platform; clients can optimise their collaborative alliances and partnerships more quickly and effectively than would otherwise be the case. This leads to greater revenue generation, faster time to market with innovative products and services and access to an already established alliance best practice community worldwide.  Visit Partner
Active World Wide are a team of industry leading ecosystem, business and market development experts that have driven over $20B worth of incremental business to their employers and clients over the past 20 years. They have captured this execution experience and innovative best practices as offerings for their clients. They help transform enterprise partnerships and ecosystems into compelling economic and business value, creating a competitive advantage to drive new revenue through solution innovation and disruption of markets. Visit Partner

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