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WorkSpan + Marketo equals better marketing

I was excited to be exhibiting at the Marketo Digital Marketing Summit the other week representing WorkSpan and attending as many sessions as possible. The number of attendees and sessions continue to grow; the content and attendee experience keep getting better and better. It’s great to see how marketing is evolving and how solutions are all focusing on providing targeted value combined with strong measurement.

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The Story Behind This PIcture

The story behind the photo

Three years ago I took this photo just outside of Cirueña while I was on my way to Santiago de Compostela. This walk, also known as the Camino, comes back a lot in my work; every presentation or training starts with this photo as the opening slide.

Sometimes my audience ask me what a photo of a landscape has to do with alliances. If they don’t, I often ask them myself what they think this photo has in common with alliances. Here are two similarities that often come forward:

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How To Use Honesty to Crush It With Partnerships

How to Use Honesty to CRUSH IT with Partnerships

A partnership between two companies is only truly great if it’s mutually beneficial.

In order for this to happen, both sides need to be honest and transparent with each other.

Bastian Schuetz is the Strategic Partner Manager for Deutsche Telekom. He manages all of his company’s activities for SAP — including working in the IoT, Blockchain, and Machine Learning spaces.

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How To Create Alliances Between Complex Organizations

6 Secret to Creating Alliances Between Complex Organizations

To be a successful alliance professional, you’ve got to think like a CEO.

Alliance building is about taking a solution to market. Your hands are all over everything — go-to-market, sales, marketing, and more. You have to think of yourself as a huge supporting function, but unlike sales, you can’t claim you landed the prize alone.

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Create A product first!

Create a product first please!